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    U-GREEN is a manufacturing expert for superior quality healthy e-liquid. The core team of U-GREEN are the pioneer R&D, manufacturing and sales experts in Ecig industry since 2005. U-GREEN has set up strategic cooperation relationship with the famous domestic and oversea academic and research institutes...


    1. Is using an electronic cigarette like smoking?
    An e cigarette, or electronic cigarette, can deliver an amount of nicotine similar to that of a cigarette, depending on the strength of the E-Liquid. An e cigarette is similar to smoking but there is no combustion and the vapour produced gives only a very slight odour. Unlike ‘stop smoking’ products, an e-cigarette still provides a smoker with the satisfaction of holding something, and taking the same ‘inhaling’ action. 
    2. Is it safe to use an e cigarette? 
    As yet, there has been no credible research carried out, and the research that has been conducted has been discredited by some scientists. However, what is known is that the constituents of E-Liquid are completely safe in themselves, those being Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, flavourings and of course nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and classed as a poison in its pure form as most smokers know, but is not carcinogenic. It is one of thousands of chemicals produced when tobacco is burnt, but in itself is harmless. 
    3. What are the benefits of using an e cigarette?
    Health - Dr Martin Siegel, a Professor at Boston University School of Public Health reports that the majority of people who use e cigarettes find an immediate and dramatic improvement in their health. 
    4. How do I choose an E-Liquid?
    E-Liquid comes in different strengths from 0 to 36 mg per ml. E-Liquid comes in a variety of flavors including fruit and tobacco and is made up of known non carcinogenic products.
    5. What is the shelf life of E-Liquid? 
    E-Liquid should be kept in a cool dark place and is best kept in the fridge where it will last for at least two years. 
    6. How do I know when to refill my cartridge?
    Most cartridges are clear plastic and you will see whether it is getting low on E-Liquid. Do not allow your cartridge to run dry or you will burn the wick and render your atomizer useless. 
    7. Do electronic cigarettes require any maintenance?
    E cigarettes respond well to some simple maintenance to keep the products working well, and full instructions are provided upon purchase. 
    8. Are there health issues I should be aware of regarding electronic cigarettes? 
    You should consult your Doctor if you are unsure about e cigarettes and your health especially if you are pregnant, suffering from high blood pressure or any heart disease or respiratory problem. 
    9. How Does an Electronic Cigarette Work?
    Electronic cigarettes use a small battery powered atomizer which contains a small metal coil that heats up to vaporize a drop or two of E-Liquid held in a cartridge.